My Top Takeaways from CoinGeek Live

There was so much to take in at the CoinGeek Conference Live earlier this month, it was hard to keep up! An incredible amount of announcements, thoughtful discussions, keynotes from Dr. Wright and others, new companies and faces entering the sphere and building on Bitcoin SV, etc. etc. etc.

Bitcoin is Really Growing Up!

The theme of the conference was ‘One World. One Chain’…my apologies to Jimmy Nguyen in advance, but what crept into my mind was a theme from a prior CoinGeek Conference: Bitcoin is really growing up! So much building going on from businesses in gaming, smart contracts/tokenization, custody, healthcare, payments, IIoT, AR/VR, all sorts of enterprise software, social media, and government-related developments. It’s kind of mind-blowing.

Key Takeaways from CoinGeek Conference Live

Several Ayre Group investee companies presented at the conference, so I went back to re-watch some segments to make sure I didn’t miss anything. The sheer volume of material announcements made me think a few things might have fallen ‘below the radar’, so I thought I’d summarize my ‘key takeaways’ from the conference:

1. The Enterprises Are Arriving!

Many of us have been calling this for a while: Larger businesses coming to Bitcoin SV. The announcements are happening, the building is underway, and the growth in transactions won’t be far behind.

Some of the key growth-stage companies we heard from at the conference:

  • EHR Data updated us on their developments and progress towards onchain health records on Bitcoin SV. This is both a major enterprise and consumer play, with the potential for countless end users in control of their healthcare data stored on Bitcoin SV.
  • kompany, a fast-growing leader in the ‘regtech’ space, announced they’re bringing their real-time business verification data platform to Bitcoin SV, including a data marketplace for KYC info. Management said they’d explored Ethereum and Hyperledger, but scaling issues posed problems.
  • GeoSpock also announced a move to Bitcoin SV. They are a high-growth ‘Internet of Things’ analytics software platform focused on the capture and analysis of ‘extreme-scale IoT’ data for connected transportation systems, smart cities / nations, etc.
  • Zumo, a UK and international wallet & payments platform, announced they’re adding Bitcoin SV integration to their ZumoKit SDK for digital currency / fiat wallet architecture. They also discussed an African business initiative they’re exploring that would use their Zumo wallet with a stablecoin based on Bitcoin SV!

2. So Are Their VCs!

Let’s look at the VC backers of these enterprises who just unveiled their Bitcoin SV plans: I see Global Brain is an investor in both kompany and GeoSpock, the latter also having Japanese mobile giant NTT Docomo, Cambridge Innovation Capital, and nChain as investors. Also of note is that Sony Ventures is an investor in Global Brain.

I also see Murray Capital, the family office of Sir David Murray (one of Scotland’s leading entrepreneurs) and Scottish Investment Bank are investors in Zumo, along with Coldplay’s bassist Guy Berryman (maybe they can perform at a future CoinGeek closing party??).

I can assure you these VC backers would have done thorough due diligence before agreeing to back such moves to Bitcoin SV.

There is no doubt we have new VCs in our midst — for now, watching closely, but hopefully soon, competing with and sharing investment opportunities with Ayre Group and our BSV-focused VC peers!

Meanwhile, the so-called ‘blockchain-focused VCs’ — the Pantera Capitals, Andreessen Horowitzes, Digital Currency Groups, etc. are busy chasing quick returns in this or that DeFi story, the umpteenth new blockchain to end all blockchains, and ICO funds (yes, ICO funds…you can’t make this stuff up).

3. Gaming is a ‘Go’ on Bitcoin SV

Industry reps from land-based casinos, iGaming, sports betting, eSports, consultants, and regulators were all on-hand for three-panel discussions on the industry moving onchain, and of course Bitcoin SV vs. other blockchains. It was a great opportunity for the gaming industry to learn first-hand what is possible only on Bitcoin SV.

BitBoss presented its cashless casino solution, which could herald a new digital era for slot machines and casino systems, Kronoverse discussed its unique onchain gaming approach, as well as the move from Ethereum to Bitcoin SV, and Hold Gaming highlighted its fair gameplay solution and why Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain that makes economic sense. eSports betting leader Unikrn also mentioned they’re looking into Bitcoin SV.

Gaming on Bitcoin SV is ready for prime time, and I’m confident more companies will soon join their peers already building on Bitcoin SV.

4. Tokens Galore!

It hasn’t taken long for the topic of tokens and smart contracts on Bitcoin SV to shift from “there aren’t enough solutions!” to “there are too many solutions!” Tokenized, Run, Elas, TAAL, Bayesian (Fabriik), sCrypt…I’ve probably missed some! Several platforms presented their solutions, including Tokenized demonstrating its ‘smart contract automation engine’, designed to make tokens easier to manage for businesses and individuals.

I was pleased to hear Ryan Charles of Fabriik/Money Button mention that it’s desirable to have interoperability of tokens and smart contracts with the various platforms and wallets in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

2021 — The Year Bitcoin Adoption Blew Wide Open?

The growth now underway on Bitcoin SV wouldn’t be possible without the magic of the original Bitcoin protocol, improved and unleashed with the Genesis upgrade to Bitcoin SV earlier this year. If you put aside ‘the lost years’ and focus on what is only now possible, I think the adoption we’re seeing by so many businesses is happening quite fast.

Maybe we’ll look back at 2021 as ‘the Year Bitcoin Adoption Blew Wide Open’?

Looking to build on Bitcoin? Ayre Group Ventures provides capital to scalable, high-growth businesses building in the Bitcoin Protocol (BSV) ecosystem. We invest in innovative ideas and projects and support their expansion with our extensive network and industry partners. You can reach us at



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